In Venus Chun’s show “The Five Elements”, dance and choreography were merged with art and technology in an experimental one-of-a-kind performance. 

The event was hosted at Jump into the Light, with a series of interactive AR posters for each dance of the show. The images were then combined in an immersive background, elevating the production to a new level of performance art. 

Venus Chun is a resident performance artist of Jump Into The Light VR Cinema and Playlab in NYC. For her recent performance “The Five Elements”, we created posters for each element and this webAR app to augment the posters with videos from her dance performance.

Venus’s posters and accompanying markers can be purchased at Jump Into The Light.

Augment Reality Poster application for Venus Chun Posters, built with A-frame and AR.js.

Markers need to have the white boarder trimed to .25in (6.35mm) and need to be positioned under the posters so that the top edge of the marker touches the bottom edge of the poster and is exactly 3.5in (8.89cm) from each side of the poster.