The New Cosmic Symphony is an Extended Reality journey of heart, art, and sound. It tells the story of the new collective consciousness Covid & Global Racial Justice has forced the world to contend with: what is this new cosmic symphony we have created across oceans, computer screens, local hardships, and international communalities? “At a time when travel is complicated, we are inviting the audience to journey with us in an extended reality full of possibility.”

The New Cosmic Symphony, an exciting new experiment in non-linear time, non-local consciousness, and what embodiment means in a (post) Covid paradigm created by XRE Extended Reality Ensemble.

I got to perform my visuals live in VR at the Creative Coding Festival with the help of Neptune Sweet and Anne Wichmann who created the amazing sonic sound bath. The software is something I’ve been working on I’m calling LiveStudioVR (pre-alpha). Its a program that lets you generate Realtime Visual VFx in VR with just a laptop and a headset. No expensive studio equipment required.