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Video Wall

This is a video wall we built which consists of 60 Christie microtiles. It measures 14'x6' and has a ridiculous resolution. It is super bright and made for daytime displays. Its a lot of fun to create interactive realtime content for.

Video Wall2021-07-15T11:08:25+00:00

The New Cosmic Symphony

The New Cosmic Symphony is an Extended Reality journey of heart, art, and sound. It tells the story of the new collective consciousness Covid & Global Racial Justice has forced the world to contend with: what is this new cosmic symphony we have created across oceans, computer screens, local hardships, and international communalities?

The New Cosmic Symphony2021-07-13T02:17:32+00:00

NYU Virtual Grad Alley

In April 2020, COVID was in full effect and most major events were canceled. Every year, NYU puts on a party for the graduating class and it became clear that this would need to be cancelled as well due to social distancing. NYU approached us with the idea to make the Grad Alley

NYU Virtual Grad Alley2021-07-13T02:17:19+00:00

Corona Virus FPS

Corona Virus FPS Corona Virus FPS is a first person shooter which takes place in an infected body. Your only chance of survival is to kill all the virus and escape. But the longer you are in the body, the more difficult it is to escape. You will need to find several keys

Corona Virus FPS2021-07-13T02:17:08+00:00

REDUX – Seeking Charlie Russell

What is: “ REDUX - Seeking Charlie Russell"? A Staged Reading, With AR Adventures The self-taught 'Western Painter' Charlie Russell spent his life deeply embedded in the West’s nature and the people, white Europeans and First Nation, of the 'old West' and the environmental movements that flowed out of that over a hundred

REDUX – Seeking Charlie Russell2021-07-12T02:26:53+00:00

SoundStage AR

Soundstage is a fantastic tool for creating and mixing audio sequences in VR. It gives you literally thousands of dollars worth of equipment, but is completely virtual, and takes up no space.  In Augmented reality, the effect is even better because I can see the space around me while I manipulate holograms. Having

SoundStage AR2021-07-13T02:16:59+00:00

Tripp Barnes VR Experience

A journey into Tripp Derrick Barne's creative mind. An entire solar system stitched together using Unity and exported custom worlds painted in Virtual Reality using Google Tilt brush. Best experienced in Virtual Reality for the full immersive experience. This project was developed by Efrain Agular. I played the role of technical director. 

Tripp Barnes VR Experience2021-07-13T02:16:37+00:00

Venus Chun AR Posters

In Venus Chun’s show “The Five Elements”, dance and choreography were merged with art and technology in an experimental one-of-a-kind performance.  The event was hosted at Jump into the Light, with a series of interactive AR posters for each dance of the show. The images were then combined in an immersive background, elevating

Venus Chun AR Posters2021-07-13T02:16:27+00:00

AMBE 3. O. W.

“3.O.W. - ALIEN’S CODE” VR 360 EXPERIENCE by ÅMBE Production by ÅMBE (Maria Brodskaya) & ADMRL (Brian Forbes) Music and Lyrics by ÅMBE Hand-Drawn VR Painting by ÅMBE 360 by Efrain Aguilar and Jump Into The Light

AMBE 3. O. W.2021-07-12T04:39:52+00:00

About My Work

I received a PhD in Nuclear Particle Physics in 2015 but immediately left academia to develop AR/VR tech. Since then, I have founded 3 AR/VR companies. My first company Anyworld was an immersive content studio with custom 360 cameras and 3D scanning technology which I successfully exited in 2016. My second company, Jump into the Light, focused on Location Based Entertainment and brought VR to over 100K people during our 4 years of operation. Jump studio created content for Grammy award winning artists and was involved in a wide range of amazing and groundbreaking experiences.  Unfortunately, Jump closed in 2020 due to COVID, and I decided to focus my efforts on Social VR.

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