Video Wall

This is a video wall we built which consists of 60 Christie microtiles. It measures 14'x6' and has a ridiculous resolution. It is super bright and made for daytime displays. Its a lot of fun to create interactive realtime content for.

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REDUX – Seeking Charlie Russell

What is: “ REDUX - Seeking Charlie Russell"? A Staged Reading, With AR Adventures The self-taught 'Western Painter' Charlie Russell spent his life deeply embedded in the West’s nature and the people, white Europeans and First Nation, of the 'old West' and the environmental movements that flowed out of that over a hundred

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Projection Mapping

Projection mapping involves warping a 2D image to fit a 3D surface. When it comes to simple planar surfaces, we can treat the warped image as a homography, which is equivalent to a shift in camera perspective. I've written custom software that can warp an image to any planar surface simply by dragging

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3D Scanning

I have worked with various 3D scanners, from low tech hand held scanners using an iPad to high tech industrial scanners. At Jump into the Light, we offered 3D body scans as a service and scanned over 3,000 people during the 4 years of operation. I've also developed my own 3D scanners and

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About My Work

I received a PhD in Nuclear Particle Physics in 2015 but immediately left academia to develop AR/VR tech. Since then, I have founded 3 AR/VR companies. My first company Anyworld was an immersive content studio with custom 360 cameras and 3D scanning technology which I successfully exited in 2016. My second company, Jump into the Light, focused on Location Based Entertainment and brought VR to over 100K people during our 4 years of operation. Jump studio created content for Grammy award winning artists and was involved in a wide range of amazing and groundbreaking experiences.  Unfortunately, Jump closed in 2020 due to COVID, and I decided to focus my efforts on Social VR.

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