Light Jumpers

A fun little VR demo where you catapult yourself from block to block to reach the finish line, but if you miss, you will plummet to your demise.

Light Jumpers2021-07-13T02:18:24+00:00

Inner Space Man

​A VR experience where you fly through the a gigantic model of the human body and explore a spiritual awakening in a transcendent mind altering trip. Download PC VR here. https://skymeson.itch.io/inner-space-man

Inner Space Man2021-07-13T02:18:56+00:00

Swim Fly

This is an experimental art exhibit that combines futuristic environments with procedurally generated worlds. Dive underwater to swim through a fascinating world of alien kelp trees, coral reefs, and underwater cities or fly above ground with an interesting assortment of creatures over a beautifully crafted world. The game mechanics are designed to make

Swim Fly2021-07-13T02:19:04+00:00

Volumetric Video

I began experimenting with Volumetric Video Capture back in 2016 using a multi-kinect setup and Brekel. This allowed me to calibrate the kinect sensors to a common world coordinate system, and then record the point clouds which could later be merged and stitched together. Recording point cloud data on 5 machines creates a

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360 Video Production

I started filming in 360 back in 2007 with parabolic mirrors and DSLR cameras. Back then, it was mostly a hobby because I liked the warped images it produced. As technology progressed, I began experimenting with GoPro cameras and created a few custom 3D printed 360 rigs. I was able to design a

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About My Work

I received a PhD in Nuclear Particle Physics in 2015 but immediately left academia to develop AR/VR tech. Since then, I have founded 3 AR/VR companies. My first company Anyworld was an immersive content studio with custom 360 cameras and 3D scanning technology which I successfully exited in 2016. My second company, Jump into the Light, focused on Location Based Entertainment and brought VR to over 100K people during our 4 years of operation. Jump studio created content for Grammy award winning artists and was involved in a wide range of amazing and groundbreaking experiences.  Unfortunately, Jump closed in 2020 due to COVID, and I decided to focus my efforts on Social VR.

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