Immersive Theater

The New Cosmic Symphony

The New Cosmic Symphony is an Extended Reality journey of heart, art, and sound. It tells the story of the new collective consciousness Covid & Global Racial Justice has forced the world to contend with: what is this new cosmic symphony we have created across oceans, computer screens, local hardships, and international communalities?

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REDUX – Seeking Charlie Russell

What is: “ REDUX - Seeking Charlie Russell"? A Staged Reading, With AR Adventures The self-taught 'Western Painter' Charlie Russell spent his life deeply embedded in the West’s nature and the people, white Europeans and First Nation, of the 'old West' and the environmental movements that flowed out of that over a hundred

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Video Ball

I remember seeing these video globes at a museum once and I wondered how hard it would be to make one myself. I had the projectors, and I found a large spherical diffuser, and it just became a matter of figuring out a lens combination that would be wide enough FOV to cover

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Immersive CAVE

As owner of a VR arcade, I had lots of opportunities to build interactive exhibits open to the public. This allowed me to experiment and see what works and what doesn't. Some of my favorite tools for this include Kinect sensors and leap motion sensors. Over the years, I have worked with a

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About My Work

I received a PhD in Nuclear Particle Physics in 2015 but immediately left academia to develop AR/VR tech. Since then, I have founded 3 AR/VR companies. My first company Anyworld was an immersive content studio with custom 360 cameras and 3D scanning technology which I successfully exited in 2016. My second company, Jump into the Light, focused on Location Based Entertainment and brought VR to over 100K people during our 4 years of operation. Jump studio created content for Grammy award winning artists and was involved in a wide range of amazing and groundbreaking experiences.  Unfortunately, Jump closed in 2020 due to COVID, and I decided to focus my efforts on Social VR.

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